When You Are Tested By Rude People…


Sometimes, there are people who are just plain bitter, disrespectful, arrogant, deceitful and distasteful for no reason.  Well somehow, fate decided that it was my turn to be tested by two such personalities in less than a month’s time span.  Really, I am just floored at the clear audacity of people and the things they allow themselves to spew without really even knowing you.  I wonder what makes a person like that tick? What awful things have happened in their lives that have shaped such a personality? Is there mental illness at play here? What about low self-esteem issues? Hmmm, perhaps it is just an evil soul encased in flesh.  Whatever the cause, it is absolutely and ridiculously unwarranted.  There is no excuse for such behavior and believe me when I say, I don’t mess with anyone, but if you try me, you will meet the other side of me and it won’t be pretty.  Please don’t allow my kind personality, greeting and smile fool you.  As much as I hate to go there, I can and have no problem treating mean, ugly people accordingly.   I am a Phoenix and I will unleash this heat on you and then kindly blow away your ashes with a polite smile like a gentle breeze.  I’m kind, but please… DO NOT TEST ME! the_angry_phoenix_

Still Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary…a month later



Sorry folks, I began writing this 2 years ago and just realized that it has remained in my drafts file and never published. How horrible! Well…although late, here is this past blog that was not posted…

Did I ever tell you how awesome my husband is to me? I am so glad that I married my best friend, a great caretaker, a provider, supporter of my dreams, sensitive heart, listening ear and the world’s greatest dad alive! I can’t begin to put into words what he means to me and anything that I could possibly write would never sum up this man in his entirety.  We have our ups and downs, but honestly, I can’t trade him for anything.  He puts up with me and vice versa.

I feel so loved and I know that our son is loved.  He is extremely protective of him and trusts no one around him. (Even to a point of being ridiculous.) I can’t wait until the baby is older and we can begin to do lots of fun family things with him. Right now, I’m tired from being up in the middle of the night to nurse our 8 month old, but I needed to post this about how awesome my husband makes me feel these days.  Hopefully, I’ll talk to you again soon!

Three New Saris and a Trip to India in 2014!



Last year, I went to an Indian Fashion event where they were selling clothes and jewelry at reduced prices as a promotion.  I purchased three very nice saris for under $100! I was quite pleased because many of the decent looking saris that I find in America tend to be quite pricey at many of the stores.  Well, when I bought the saris, I was five months pregnant, so I didn’t have my seamstress to make the dresses for me until six months after my son’s birth.  I already had about four saris and seven or eight salwar kameez or chuddidars, so I wanted to have some more saris to add to my collection.  We are planning a trip to India next year to visit my in-laws, so I want to have my wardrobe ready. Well, at least I thought I did, because my husband just told me that I needed to pack as few clothes as possible because I can get as much Indian attire as I want or need while I am there and it will be at cheap prices.  OMG, that is awesome because it means that I will have plenty of room in my suitcase to bring back new clothes! We also plan to purchase a new mangalsutra for me when I get there.  I have one that was bought in the USA, but it doesn’t look like an Indian one.  It simply looks like a regular, cute fashion necklace.  For those of you who don’t know, a mangalsutra is a woman’s wedding chain.  It is the equivalent of a wedding ring.

I plan to also get some attire for my son since we haven’t gotten him any Indian clothes yet.  I won’t get him much since he is still a baby and will grow out of everything quickly, but I will maybe get a couple of Indian outfits for him so that we can use them for family photos.  Speaking of family photos, my brother-in-law plans to bring his wife and son to India at the same time that we arrive so that everyone is there at the same time.  This will be such a great little reunion! I can’t wait to learn all that I can about Indian cooking and recipes from my mother-in-law.  She also wants to teach me embroidery, painting and other things that she did for my husband as a child, like making some of his favorite dishes.  Our trip is just six months away and I am so excited about it, especially the fact that everyone will be meeting our son for the first time.  I will be sure to take plenty of pictures!

Living the Hectic Life!



Ok, I suck at updating my blog and I am wondering if I should delete it at this point because my life has become so hectic that I barely come to update it although my intentions have been good.  I have so much that should be shared with all of you, both joys and sorrows, triumphs and defeats, surprises and obvious life changes, decisions, career ventures, and much more, but I’ve been a tad overwhelmed with the amount of work that is on my plate.  I have been trying to write a book, I’m a new mom of an infant, I am a wife, I work and I am in the process of launching my own chemical-free natural hair and skin product line.

Some days, I feel that everything I do is too much, but there are other days that I know that all of my hard work, frustration, sacrifices and determination will all pay off. Oh, did I mention that I am also working on a career field change and pursuing my Masters Degree on top of all of that? Yeah, I must be insane. HA!

The BEST Kid Ever!



I know that I may be a bit biased, but I have the absolute best kid ever! He is such a mellow baby and he doesn’t complain much unless he is not feeling well, and even that complaint is minimal.  He brings us so much joy that it is beyond description.  Do you have kids? If so, share some of the ways that your little one brings happiness into your life.  I’d love to read your stories!

A Wonderfully Blindian Baby Shower!

Our Baby Shower Invitation Card

Our Baby Shower Invitation Card – of course details are obscured for privacy. 🙂

I’ll let the images speak for themselves.  We had a WONDERFUL time! There were at least 45 guests present at our baby shower celebration and it was wonderful to have family and friends come from all over to be there!  The menu was South India meets Southern Soul Food, a take on both of our heritages, and every dish was absolutely divine! My two shower hostesses had really outdone themselves and the  event was planned beautifully.  (Sorry that I had to blur so much of the invitation details, but privacy prevails people! LOL) People came from all over! We had guests from Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Memphis, TN, California, Maryland, Washington, DC, North Carolina, Illinois, Florida and india!

Our Baby Shower Cake and Cake Pops

Our Baby Shower Cake and Cake Pops

We feel SO blessed!

Not even a fraction of the gifts received!

Not even a fraction of the gifts received! Our gifts were in such abundance that my aunt could not fit them all into one shot. This image in no way represents all that we received that day! Everyone was like WOW!





I am so excited to meet this little guy that I can hardly contain myself!

It’s a BOY!!!!

It's a BOY!

It’s a BOY!

We found out that we will be welcoming home a baby boy during our 20 weeks gestation ultrasound scan.  My husband was elated.  There are no words to completely describe the joy on his face.  Although I was rooting for team pink, he completely deserves to get his wish for team blue.  He is an awesome husband to me and I know that he will be an incredible dad.  I am sorry for taking so long to get these updates out.  Life has been crazy!